Designed: Student Media

I did a lot of web design work for my school, St. Stephen’s University, over the summer. We recently unveiled a Student Media site for the creative and artistic types that
fill our school community to be able to share their creations with each other and everybody else on this internet thing.

So, go on over, be awed by the creativity, and if you care to, let me know what you think about the site. The link again: SSU Student Media.

6 responses to “Designed: Student Media”

  1. Thanks for the feedback Kathy. We wanted it to be simple and intuitive to browse through, and we felt that comments would be important for giving and receiving feedback. Hopefully they stay helpful…

  2. As always I love your use of white space. The palette is also attractive, and good contrast.

  3. Cheers Cam :)

    I can’t take complete credit: there was an already existing website ( that I mimicked, adapting where necessary. It needed to blend with the existing identity.

  4. Love it! I am constantly tickled as the layers and layers of creativity and depth are explored here in this community – and amazed that God called us here to join in. Great work Matt!

  5. Thanks Heidi. :) I’m glad that the creativity of the SSU community is getting an outlet like this.

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