200 Posts

This marks my 200th post in the life of this blog. Since we as humans seem to really like round numbers, I thought that I’d commemorate the occasion with a few stats.

  • I’ve posted an average of a post every 3.2 days
  • I’ve had 4958 visits since mattwiebe.com went live on Nov.11/06.
  • I’ve posted most often in the Faith category, and least often in the Writing category.
  • Firefox is the most common browser used to access this site, coming in at 47% of visits. Sadly, Internet Explorer 6 still makes up an appallingly high 22% of recent visits.
  • My two most accessed posts are Blogging: A Reliable Academic Source? and A Modern-Day Parable.
  • 34% of visitors come from search engines.

It’s been fun, and I don’t have any intention of stopping any time soon. I really believe that blogging has helped me to grow as a writer; helping me to find my voice.

3 responses to “200 Posts”

  1. I’m done with blogging, at least for now. I do enjoy reading yours and other’s though.

  2. WTM: Thanks, and I find search engine traffic weird…

    Tony: Understandable, keeping a blog going is a lot of work!

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