Signs of the Apocalypse

This will mark the beginning of a new feature on this blog. Essentially, I will put up a piece of news or information that will cause us to conclude that it’s the end of the world as we know it. I’m uncertain as to whether or not we’ll feel fine. These will hopefully be more humorous than disturbing, but should cause a lot of head-shaking in most cases. (I stole the idea from Sports Illustrated, but theirs were only about sports.)

Today’s sign of the impending apocalypse:

Dog StrollerDog Strollers. I don’t know if I’m the last person to see one of this things, but seriously! This must be the penultimate step in our society of replacing children with dogs. It’s over!

5 responses to “Signs of the Apocalypse”

  1. But shouldn’t the precursor to the stroller, the dog-purse, have been enough to warn us of our impending doom? Or were we then so blind, so naive, to believe that the end could be still avoided?

  2. Scary yet believable! I heard somewhere that you can also clone your favorite pet Fluffy now for about $30,000.00 or so. Amazing eh? You never have to say goodbye, just make another one.

  3. to me the funniest thing was that when we first spotted this apocalyptic phenomena, it was a middle aged couple strolling around saint john. the woman was walking the dog on a leash, and the man was pushing the stroller! i thought, aw, it must be their grand-child. nope.
    couldn’t have been more wrong.
    really, i wonder what it takes for a middle-aged man to walk around downtown pushing an empty dog-stroller and feel perfectly ok with that.

  4. This reminds me once I was reading a biography about Ghandi. In this book, there was a chapter about Indian princes (Rajhas, Marajhas, Nabibs, etc). One of those guys was a big fan of dogs, so people used to say: “in this kingdom it is better to be a dog than a human”.

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