The Myth of Secular Neutrality

This quote is from the epilogue of William C. Ringenberg’s The Christian College: A History of Protestant Higher Education in America:

One of the great problems of contemporary higher education is that while the public universities largely promote the worldview of secularism, they actually believe that they maintain a neutral stance on religious and other types of values. One of the major tasks of the Christian college, therefore, is to remind the secular institutions that they also have an operating religious principle; as Cardinal John Newman, that great educational philosopher of the previous century, reminded his generation, “Supposing theology be not taught, its province will not simply be neglected, but will be actually usurped by other sciences.”

2 responses to “The Myth of Secular Neutrality”

  1. Thanks for the link Kathy. I had heard about the case, but not about the atheist professor leading the charge against the Intelligent Design prof. Pathetic.

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