Summer Rhythm

While I thought that I would have much more time during the summer to post on my blog, the opposite is seeming to be the case. Well, it’s not that I don’t have the time, but I’m working now and not spending as much time on my computer. My posts were mostly born out of procrastination, and since that is currently a non-issue, I post less.

I also find that not being in the swing of school provides less food for thought. Surfing through the blogosphere can hardly be called focused inquiry.

Now that I have thoroughly made my excuses for not blogging in a while, I wonder what the future of my blog holds. It’s not that I’m entertaining quitting (as many do), it’s just that most blogs seem to have, uh, focus. Mine flies all over the map: personal, meditations, theological and philosophical musings, cultural critique, technology, and the occassional random quote from something that I’m reading. Most successful bloggers seem to not be so scattered… Oh well, good thing I’m not trying to be successful.

That said, what kinds of posts do people enjoy the most from me?

6 responses to “Summer Rhythm”

  1. My favourite posts of yours are the ones you make just about daily life with your lovely wife. (Heh, I rhymed!) After all, these posts are the only chance I get to know what daily life is like for the both of you since you moved away!

    I’m terrible at updating my blog, and I feel like my posts are just as random. But hey, I’m just choosing to tell myself that I’m a success when it comes to being random. At least I’m succeeding at something, right? *listens to the crickets chirp* Oh, look, a tumbleweed…

    Miss you guys.

  2. Matt,
    From what I’ve seen you are an excellent and insightful commentator on contemporary questions and issues facing us. Keep up the important work. Your voice needs to be heard.

  3. I agree with both Ren and Greg. Like Ren said, one of the strengths of blogs is that you can give updates to anyone interested in reading them without resorting to mass emails. Of course the mass-email medium can be sweet, but I find it easier to do it via the blog, perhaps just b/c I don’t feel the same obligation be lengthy.

    Greg’s right too. Your cultural insight posts are, err, very insightful and need to be said.

    I don’t think other blogs have as much focus as you think they have. I mean, even Scot McKnight will go from his usual theology-focused posts to talking about his dogs. If you look for it in other blogs I think you’ll agree that no one is as focused as you think you need to be. That said, it’s your blog – do what you want.

  4. Cheers for the comments Ren, Greg and Tony.

    I will almost definitely keep doing approximately what I’ve been doing. Occasionally I need to remind myself that I’m not in this for “success” but instead for a lot of other reasons which I hope are somewhat more noble.

  5. I like short theological posts that I can use to prove my education is, in fact, relevant to somebody.

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