Postmodernism’s Perilous Opportunity

Here’s a quote from Harry Lee Poe’s Christianity in the Academy:

The philosophy of postmodernism is not simply a philosophical issue. It is also a sociological and a psychological issue, and it has implications for anthropology, economics, marketing, language study, political science, and education. The rejection of ideology and authority is not a characteristic of a culture so much as it is a symptom of a vacuum. Something will arise to fill the void. People will find something to believe in that will bind them together. It happened in the cultural chaos of Germany in the 1920s and 1930s. In that case, a dark and sinister force arose that bound the people together. Something will always arise to fill the void, but it need not be dark and sinister. In this context of confusion and searching for an idea to make sense of the world, what is the responsibility of a Christian in higher education? In the marketplace of ideas, is it ethical to withhold an idea that has had such a profound impact on the world for two thousand years? (88-89)

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