The Newer Pad

I promised some photos of our new apartment here in St. Stephen a while back. We moved right down the hall into a much nicer (and more spacious) apartment than our last one. The living room is almost twice as big and has new hardwood laminate floors and new paint on the walls too. We’re very thankful.All that’s been finished is the living room, so here’s a pair of shots:

Todd Hall #10

Todd Hall #10 again

I’ll just let the photos speak for themselves and say that we’re very happy. :)

8 responses to “The Newer Pad”

  1. Oh how beautiful is your apartment…awesome lines, inviting colours, great soft lighting, kudos my friends…it’s a hit!

  2. Cheers guys, a great apartment combined with a great eye for design (ie my wife) makes for a sweet pad.

  3. Wow. I miss that place! I see it and all I can think of is all the times I spent sitting on that floor eating nachos, watching awesome movies, or sleeping. You and Jac did an amazing job with that place!

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