Connecting to Something Bigger

Being home over the Christmas holidays has been tremendously refreshing. I’ve re-connected with family, friends and community who have been glaringly absent from my disconnected life. It’s so easy to start to think that you’re on your own in this life when you’re 3000 kms from home.

One moment really stood out to me. I had the unpleasant task of having to ask my Grandpa for some financial help for the next term of school. I don’t like to admit that I need the help, since I’m so programmed to think that I’m on my own. How wrong I am.

I had forgotten the spiritual maturity my Grandpa has in the way he handles his money. He couldn’t be happier to share of what he has with me. In his simple way, he just said that “God has blessed me, and I would love to support what He’s doing in your life at school.” That simple.

Afterwards, I had the sensation of the boundaries of my world enlarging. I am not some solitary figure, trodding through this world on whatever merit I can accrue to myself. Rather, I am caught up in a story much larger than myself. I am part of the story of my disparate families, be they Mennonites fleeing from persecution over the centuries or Jews fleeing from persecution over millennia  (I sense a theme here). I am a part of the story of the history of my nation, both good and ill. I am also a part of the story of God’s creation and redemption of the world in Jesus, which is the master story that the rest of these find their home in.

Bono recently sang “sometimes you can’t make it on your own.” He’s on to something there, but the “sometimes” needs to be stroked out. I want to reach a place where I not only see that I can’t make it on my own, but that I would come to embrace this reality. I need God, I need others. Instead of grudgingly admitting it when I have no other choice, I want to live a life permeated by being a part of a bigger picture of God, community, family and friends.

2 responses to “Connecting to Something Bigger”

  1. it is great being home. that’s so wonderful that you were able to ask for help. very humbling. my family is so generous as well. i’ve been going through culture shock for the past 3 weeks. first going home to a rich city and family and then back into my workplace. i’m having a difficult time adjusting! anyway, good to hear your thoughts.

  2. Hey Maria!

    Yeah, the North End of Winnipeg to suburban T.O. would be quite the culture shock! Generosity, what a great thing.

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