This is a crazy week. At the end of it, I’ll be over 3000 kms away from where I sit right now. Back to Winnipeg! This is good, but there’s a lot to do between now and then. Thankfully exams and papers are done. This is good. However, Jac and I are cramming a bunch of madness into our last bit of time here: we’re moving to a different apartment. The good part is that it’s down the hall. The bad part is that it’s moving. It’ll be great once we’re moved in: it’s bigger, has way better natural light, etc. But it’s moving, which is never fun.

Add to this the fact that the place we’re moving into is only halfway renovated, and you have stress. We have to move all of our stuff into the living room, which is the only room completely renovated. Ugh. This means that we’ll have a bunch of setup to do when we get back. Ugh. It’ll be great and so much better once we’re settled in. That’ll be nice…

Anyways, venting session over. we’re really looking forward to seeing all our prairie people!


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