Back to Winnipeg

Well, here I am, back in Winnipeg. Jaclyn and I got in on Friday, and we’ve had some great times reconnecting with friends and family, with much more yet to come. I spent Saturday night at a great party that brought all of Canada to its center: my friend Cam came out from Vancouver, while Jac and I came in from the east coast.

My bro and his wife were kind enough to bring a houseful of my favorite Winnipegers under their roof to welcome us back. He’s also got some pics on his blog. Life has been teeming without our presence, with two engagements having happened while we’ve been gone! Congrats to Nate & Maria and Barb & Isaac. Craziness.

What is it about this place that I have connections with people that I have been unable to duplicate elsewhere? Maybe I used to be sociable and I’m not anymore. Or maybe Winnipeg is just teeming with high quality individuals.


One response to “Back to Winnipeg”

  1. Always nice to be reminded that Winnipeg is a great place to be.

    It’s remarkable how having not seen you or Jac in nearly 7 months and Cam for 5 months, it was perfectly normal when you arrived. I love that.

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