Here’s some questions I’m mulling over for the mentorship group that Jac and I are a part of here. What does everyone think?

Personal Vision:

  1. What do you understand “vision” to be? How does it differ from the mission of Christ given to us in the New Testament (i.e. the Great Commission and the Great Commandment)?
  2. Why do you think having a clear sense of vision would be important? Is it not simply enough to know what the above stated mission is and simply walk that out in obedience?
  3. Why could it be said that vision is a two-edged sword?
  4. What would you die for? What will you die for?

Shared Community Vision:

  1. What should be found in some form within any Christian community’s shared vision?
  2. How is it discovered?

A Lifetime Of Vision:

  1. How do you keep vision (individual or community) fully alive?
  2. What about Vision Statements? Are they helpful for this or should we have one because they are expected today?

5 responses to “Vision”

  1. A lot of culture is waiting to be told what they should want. You want a new car, a thinner body, more power.

    And then there are the super-spiritual (I’m never one of them) who say, “I just want what God wants,” denying that I have any desires, or should even desire to have desires. And then what’s underneath and unconscious rises up, and lo and behold, God has “told me” to get what I wanted in the first place but wouldn’t admit.

    I need some vision. God is saying two things to me these days:

    1) I love you
    2) What do you want?

    I used to say, “Well, I want you of course,” to which he would reply, “You have me. So what do you want?” And I have nothing to respond with.

    Do I want God’s Kingdom rule and reign to come and do I want a part in it? That’s what I feel like I’m missing.

  2. Hmm, great thoughts Cam. Especially the part about attributing our unconscious desires to be “God’s will.”

    The kingdom has definitely got to be central in all of this.

    Any other thoughts, if even for one question?

  3. i think it is rather much to ask so many questions in one post, my dear.
    the answers could fill a thesis paper.
    ‘what would you die for?’ –come on!

    thats just too much heavy stuff at once.

  4. How about:

    Is community vision shared by having one vision that everyone “signs on” for, or can the vision be to birth multiple visions within the community?

  5. Arggh. This week’s been much too busy to think about any of this.

    Robby, that’s a great question. I like the idea of having intersecting spheres of vision within a community, but then my question becomes, can it really hold together? Or is that a question that assumes a need to control everything?

    I’m just not sure if we can have a community without some kind of center around which the multiple visions revolve. I guess that would the kingdom of God, wouldn’t it now? That should be big enough for everything good. :)

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