One Year

Today marks my one year anniversary in blogging. A year ago, I started this blog by saying, “I’m not quite sure if I really need to have a blog or not, but here I go anyways.” A year later, I could hardly imagine not having a blog, so this might qualify as need. More thoughts on blogging and what it means to me to come…

So, here’s an announcement for everyone to celebrate my one year blogiversary: I’m closing up shop here and moving over to my own domain. That’s right folks, you will soon be able to find me at

There’s some stuff to sort out over there before I really get going, but you can help me out by voting on the poll as to what the new name of my blog should be. I think that I might be tired of “Rest and Restlessness,” but I’d like to hear what people think. If you vote “other,” put an idea down in the comments here or there.

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