Time Flies

I guess we’ll call this an update of sorts from the land of Matt.

I went on a lads weekend thing this past weekend. It was good times. We threw rocks at rocks and got naked. Good to be with the lads.

After my toying with rock music again lately, I decided to check out the newest album from BT – possibly one of the greatest electronic producers around. It’s called This Binary Universe and it’s nothing short of brilliant. I’m also gonna get my hands on Hybrid‘s newest album, I Choose Noise. If these guys can’t jump-start my love for electronic music, nobody will.

What else? I dropped a course so that I can take Intro Greek. Jac asked me why I would want to do such a thing and the best response I could come up with was “because that’s what all the fancy-pants pastors do.” I wouldn’t want to get shown up, would I?

Nothing much else to report. It’s going to be a short night with all the stuff I have to do between now and tomorrow. I like the idea of learning much more than the process!

3 responses to “Time Flies”

  1. I remember a few years ago when it seemed like BT had sold-out to shitty pop music. Glad to hear that his newest album is top notch. You’ll have to let me have a listen at Christmas when you come. It’s also about time that the new Hybrid album will be out. That thing was supposed to come out nearly a year ago!

    I hear you on the liking the idea of education better than the process, at least the part of the process that requires me to sit on my ass for most of every day.

  2. Good call on the Hybrid – I nabbed an account at Emusic.com to grab a few albums and have some downloads left. It’s actually pretty cheap if they’ve got what you are looking for.

    They have some of the BT albums but not the newest one yet.

    Education is hard work! I’m at that darn thing all day and all night. It’s a struggle to eat and sleep properly. Ahwell. =)

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