Well, I should be writing an essay, which means procrastination! In my wanderings, I came across this ridiculously funny demotivational poster. Enjoy.

See a whole bunch more demotivational posters at

9 responses to “Demotivational”

  1. The bible is full of dreamers, as a believer and and missionary I find this offensive. God has spoken through dreams for centuries.

  2. Hey Thomas

    Thanks for coming by. The internet is a wonderful place where tone is not communicated all too well. I have a sarcastic and occassionally dark sense of humor and this tickled it just the right way.

    I believe in dreams too.

  3. Dear Thomas,

    This is the internet. If you see something you don’t like, don’t look at it. Close the window instead of complaining and raining on this guy’s parade. It’s a funny poster. Take a minute to NOT jump the gun with your emotions and appreciate it for what it is. A stupid, funny, creative picture.

    I believe taking things in context is very important. In no way does this poster put down any religion. You’re simply trying to start a fight, and Matt was kind enough to parry your clumsy blow instead of hitting you back.

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