they sure don’t build ’em like they used to!

So, the other day Jac decided to walk around the block and check out the hood.
The level of quality in these homes is really quite remarkable. (Plus they sell for about half the cost of homes in Winnipeg. no joke.) The downside is that many are in disrepair.

detailingOur building. This is a close-up of some of the detailing on one of our porches.doorknob. . . the main entrance to our building.
Inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement of the late 19th century. In reaction to the mass production and standardization brought about by the industrial revolution, William Morris believed that our lives are enriched when the everyday objects around us are of high quality and craftsmanship.hallwayThis odd little raised nook is at the end of the hall from our suite.
I think we might have to do something with it yet. . .

lonicerahallA couple houses down from us. This Queen-Anne style villa was owned by the Ganong bros. (yes, the chocolate guys).

fitchresOur neighbors. This is the Fitch residence. (Pete is the pastor of the Vineyard).

nicehouseAlso just across the street.


forsaleMany of the houses here have been converted, like ours, into several cheap apartment suites. This one’s for sale. Unlike in Winnipeg, houses stay on the market for a while here.

4 responses to “Mansionville”

  1. i must say based on my purely material level, i’m jealous. i love quality craftsmanship. even if you don’t post all the pics please feel free to email them to me! i’m quite interested!

  2. in case you can’t tell by the writeups, this post was hijacked by Jac. (insert rimshot here)

    but ya, some of the architecture here is absolutely beautiful.

  3. Jac!!!

    Way to hijack! Great post. I love the pics! My idea of a good time are these mansions.

    God bless the both of you Bruswicker’s. Hope you don’t miss home too much yet…

    Oh yeah, and Maria’s picture is CRAZY funny. Oh my….

    Many Blessings!!!!!

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