Who Let All of These People in Here?

So, this is my worldwide audience. Since signing up for ClustrMaps on March 21, I’ve had 406 visits from every continent except Africa. Well, my Asia representation is pretty weak too, with only Japan representing. It’s strange that there’s that many people out there reading my verbal diarrhea.

The internet is a strange, strange place.

4 responses to “Who Let All of These People in Here?”

  1. Put another tick on Japan, cause I’m here and I’ve also been reading your blog. Loved your previous post. It’s been good to stay connected to life at ‘home’ through your blog. I’m glad we have people like you, deep thinkers who really ponder the issues and how to act them out.
    Thanks for your honest thoughts and heart. Bless you,
    Tiffany (Neufeld) Reynolds

  2. What I didn’t realize when I posted my last comment was that Clustrmaps automatically tells you who’s been looking at your blog. Oops. As you can tell, this sort of things is not my forte. I was pretty excited about the fact that there might be someone else in Japan looking at your blog, but it turns out it was just me!
    Till next time, Tiffany

  3. Hey Tiffany!

    It’s been quite the journey from Winkler to now for the both of us eh? I’m glad that you’ve found my ramblings somewhat coherent! And you caught onto clustrmaps pretty quickly too.

    I looked at your blog, and you have some beautiful pictures on there. Many blessings upon you.

  4. Chotto mate! I am reading from Japan too. Don’t really know you, but I used to go to the same church, and I find your blog interesting…

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