Word Quota?

I’ve been sick for about the past week and a half, and have mostly lost my voice for the past 4 days. Fortunately I am blessed with paid sick days at my job, so I’ve actually been able to stay home and recuperate.

Now, a thought struck me as I was driving to pick Jaclyn up from work today. I realized that since talking–actually a croaky-whisper, to be precise–has made me cough like crazy and hurt my throat, I’ve been trying to say everything in as few words as possible and not talk just for the sake of hearing my own voice.

The thought was this: what if we all had a word quota? What if you only had, say 500 words allotted to you to speak on a given day? What would you talk about? What would you no longer talk about? Would you stop to think before you talked? Think about it…

7 responses to “Word Quota?”

  1. Hi Matt,

    I love your blog!

    I want to be able to say things that are true and honest. That’s my dilemma without overindulging and defying my heart or waxing things over to cover out of fear…

    Not everything needs to be said but some things do? How can I tell the difference? It’s a journey of realization involving sensitivity for me. And trust.

    Thanks for your thoughts!


  2. Fasting from words? Vow of silence for a day? I’m going to give it a try over my reading break and see how it goes. Good thoughts.

  3. hehe… heatbag

    not so much that I’m trying to discourage words. I just thought that this would be a way to really think about what we say and make it worthwhile…

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