New Look Wonderfulness

Edit: This applied to my old blog, which you can still view. This current blog was also designed by my wife and I.

Well, I’ve officially unleashed the new look for my blog. Jac and I collaborated on designing some fresh goodness to better reflect me and my intentions with this blog. Plus it gave me a chance to fiddle. I like fiddling.

I’m happy to report that Jaclyn and I can actually work together on a pratical project. We both had our trepidations, as we both always know that we’re right no matter what anyone else says. This does not always lead to the best collaborative enivornment.

Anyways, Jac’s saying that we’re on the way to being a good web design team. She’s the conceptualizer and designer, and I’m the nerd-a-rific CSS/XHTML guy. Perhaps we’ll go commercial with this someday to finance our underpaid kingdom work. And stuff.

Any thoughts on the new look?

4 responses to “New Look Wonderfulness”

  1. ooooh, I like it!! Well done you two. Color, feel, its all really good.
    Great to hear you guys were able to collaborate and work together as well. Go team!

  2. Legible, clear, and the right hint of style.

    My eyes are being drawn to the text and not the sidebar, which is the point. =)

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