Money from the Heavens

Just a short post of praise here.

You see, I wound up with a whole lot of money in my bank account for no apparent reason. And I was confused. As it turns out, Revenue Canada grossly screwed up my Income Tax return last year, and I got the rest of it back now.

Now, I knew immediately that this money wasn’t really from the Canadian government. I’ve been asking God to provide for our upcoming Europe trip with SSU and let’s just say this is part of His provision.

Thanks Father! You sure do take care of your kids…

5 responses to “Money from the Heavens”

  1. Well, not a bad idea. But since Shayla and I bought our tix to Cuba in September it seems unlikely to happen. Are you guys thinking about going?

  2. hmmm, well…

    i think Jac was trying to say it to me and not you, but that’s kind of silly since we live together…

    and on the snowboarding front, Jac’s thinking we should go and I’m thinking not so much. We shall see.

  3. ooooo fun
    it’s like being in the middle of two married couples…financial decisions and deliberations….
    which reminds me it’s not the first time…
    or…you know RECORDING EQUIPMENT???


    love you all
    sosoooo much

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