Liberal Government Restores Mandatory Long Form Census

A lot can change in the space of six weeks. During the election campaign, I complained about he Conservatives’ scrapping of the mandatory long-form census in 2011. Now, our newly installed Liberal government has moved fast to restore the mandatory long-form census:

The Honourable Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development, made the following statement today:

“As we said throughout the election campaign, we are committed to making evidence-based decisions on programs and policies and to providing better and more timely services to Canadians.

“Our plan for open and fair government starts with the reinstatement of the mandatory long-form census. This is integral to implementing our plan for a strong and growing middle class.

“Today, Canadians are reclaiming their right to accurate and reliable information. With the 2016 Census of Population program, communities will once again have access to the high-quality data they require to make decisions that will truly reflect the needs of their people, businesses, institutions and organizations.

This was an easy election promise to keep. My pessimism remains in check, so far.

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