Anthony Bourdain’s World Domination

I watch almost anything I can that features Anthony Bourdain. He loves food and loves new experiences. He’s obnoxiously disparaging to vegetarians. And, as his television shows have moved from travel and food to travel and culture (with food), he’s only gotten better. His profile in Men’s Journal walks you through a taping of his (excellent) CNN show Part Unknown while describing his progression from dissolute chef to omnipresent media personality.

What I always appreciate about Bourdain is his wit, humour, and radical openness when experiencing new places and cultures:

Bourdain says there are two things he loves about Parts Unknown. The first is the technical satisfaction of creating something, “of being involved in a process that results in a thing.” The second is learning. “Knowing a little more than I did last week. Progressing in some incremental way.” He points to a tattoo on his arm, a quote from one of the Greek skeptics. “This says, more or less, ‘I am certain of nothing,’ and that’s how I feel. I’m pretty sure that cheese and sausage are good. Other than that, it’s a world of confusion and uncertainty.”


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