Ignorant Epiphanies

I am fascinated by what ironic creatures most of us are. We come to some insight, some epiphany or—dare I say—revelation, and it so often has precisely the opposite effect that it should. Instead of being filled with wonder, thankfulness and humility, we become arrogant and condescending towards those lacking our new insight. We puff ourselves up with the fact that we are now in possession of something that others don’t see, and yet we do so in the face of the fact that we were also ignorant not that long ago. What should breed humility, breeds arrogance.

Note: This begins an experiment on this blog, which I will put in the category of Paragraphs. As I’ve started writing lengthier pieces that have a longer gestation time, I want to give place for shorter thoughts and reflections which don’t necessarily require a full post, but still take a paragraph. They will also be styled differently, as you can see.

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