Ten Reasons I Don’t Read Your Blog

Veteran blogger Michael Spencer (aka Internet Monk) has posted his list of ten reasons I don’t read your blog. I confess that I often think about blogging, so this was a fairly informative (and humorous) list. Here’s #2:

2. You have no sense of humor. You can’t laugh at yourself. You don’t find normal things funny. Your blogging is too killer serious about religion, marriage, kids, church, politics, etc. You can’t tell jokes. You don’t post funny pics. You’re sour and easily offended. Blogging without humor disqualifies it from being edifying and helpful to my mental health.

You constantly tell us that your views perfectly reflect the mind of God, but you never laugh after saying it.

2 responses to “Ten Reasons I Don’t Read Your Blog”

  1. this makes sense, especially when you think about the nature of blogging: in and out, catch my attention, so many possible places to read. it also makes sense because no one can stare at a screen without a little humour to tide them over from the realization of what they are doing!

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