Apocalyptic Wedding

In the latest harbinger of doom, Jac and I witnessed the most unlikely “wedding” on Friday. What initially appeared to be a stagette in Winnipeg’s Kildonan Park turned out to be a wedding with the bimbos on one side and the ‘roid boys on the other.

The Hell Wedding

It was like watching a car crash in slow motion: wanting to look away, yet morbidly transfixed. The “groom” had written his own vows, to the amusement of crowd of clones swilling beer in cheap plastic cups. He called his wife-to-be the “hottest piece of ass I’ve ever seen” and solemnly promised to “f*#& her long and hard as long as they both shall live.” Here’s the “bride” laughing at her “groom’s” hilarity:

Laffs at the Hell Wedding

This is begging for commentary, showing the decay of our society and the wrong direction that we’re heading into as a culture, where a purely physical relationship is called a marriage and celebrated in the most base manner possible.

This kind of thing also reveals the conservative obsession with gay marriage to be a trivial thing. If this is the type of heterosexual marriage that we’re defending, we’ve already lost.

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