A Scholar’s Prayer

Bradley Wright’s Weblog: Scholar’s Prayer
Bradley is a Christian and a sociologist who does a lot of interesting reflections on Christianity from an often humorous sociological viewpoint. Today, he posted this prayer on his blog from Thomas Aquinas, the greatest of all medieval theologians. As a student and quasi-scholar, this is the kind of thing that I should definitely be praying. In fact, I think that all Christian scholars should be praying this:

Ineffable Creator,

You who are the true source of life and wisdom and the Principle on which everything depends, be so kind as to infuse in my obscure intelligence a ray of your splendor that may take away the darkness of sin and ignorance.

Grant me keenness of understanding, ability to remember, measure and easiness of learning, discernment of what I read, rich grace with words.

Grant me strength to begin well my studies; guide me along the path of my efforts; give them a happy ending.

You who are true God and true Man, Jesus my Savior, who lives and reigns forever.


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